MSPmentor 250 (2009 Edition): Part II

We've just posted Part II of the MSPmentor 250 list and report (2009 Edition). Feel free to use our MSPmentor 250 Center as a way to quickly build your Rolodex of managed services executives, entrepreneurs and experts across the globe. You'll also notice that our list includes links to each executive's personal/corporate blog and Twitter feed (if available). Here's some more info on how we pieced together the MSPmentor 250, and how it differs from our MSPmentor 100 research report.

In order to be considered for the MSPmentor 250 (2009 edition), you had to be nominated via an online survey, which MSPmentor and Nine Lives Media Inc. conducted from May 13, 2009 until July 10, 2009. We considered a range of factors (executive experience, innovations, momentum, track record) as we zeroed in on the top 250 names.

So, what’s the difference between the MSPmentor 100 (unveiled each Q1) and the MSPmentor 250 (unveiled each Q3)? It’s simple: While the MSPmentor 100 focuses on the world’s most successful managed service provider businesses, the MSPmentor 250 focuses on the personalities you need to know across this industry. The MSPmentor 100 leverages fact-based metrics (annual MSP revenue growth, revenue per employee, revenue per managed device, etc.) but the MSPmentor 250 is driven purely by word of mouth and personal reputation.

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