MSPmentor 100 Survey: Eight Reasons to Act Now

MSPmentor 100 Survey: Eight Reasons to Act Now

Attention top managed services providers: The fourth annual MSPmentor 100 survey closes this Friday, December 17. Why should you participate in the global survey? And what are the potential benefits to all participating MSPs? Here are eight answers to those key questions...

1. Global and Regional Spotlights: We'll be putting the spotlight on MSPs from North America, Europe, Australia, Africa (and maybe more regions). So even if you're not in the global 100, you could wind up on a regional MSPmentor list that potentially profiles your company and other top MSPs in your back yard.

2. Money Matters: Potential investors, MSP executives, merger experts and other financial pundits read the annual MSPmentor 100 list, searching for potential M&A opportunities. We average at least three incoming phone calls per week from potential suitors who are evaluating the MSP market. And in the past year, roughly a dozen MSPmentor 100 companies have been acquired or received an investment infusion.

3. Free Search Engine Optimization: If you land on our global MSPmentor 100 list or regional lists, we link MSPmentor directly to your web site. Ranked among the top 5 percent of all blogs worldwide, MSPmentor can lift your search engine optimization and drive reader traffic your way. Skeptical? Previous MSPmentor 100 companies can confirm our traffic generation claims.

4. Talent Pool: When executives look to make career moves, they frequently check the MSPmentor 100 list for potential employment opportunities, potentially allowing you to attract the best and brightest talent to your company.

5. Network Up: Even if you're not looking for M&A opportunities, companies on the MSPmentor 100 list often discover partner-to-partner engagements that involve regional reach or vertical market expertise.

6. We'll Send You Your Ranking: Even if you don't land on the global MSPmentor 100 list or regional lists, we'll gladly send you your overall ranking so that you can see how your business growth and performance compares to other MSPs that filled out the survey.

7. David, Goliath And Everyone In Between: The global MSPmentor 100 and regional lists include small, midsize and large MSPs. While some industry lists are (A) popularity contests or (B) purely based on revenue, the MSPmentor 100 list uses a range of factors, including company growth rates, devices managed, recurring revenue generated, and other factors that level the playing field between small, midsize and large MSPs.

8. Deadline Approaches: The fourth-annual MSPmentor 100 survey ends on Friday, Dec. 17. After that, we lock down the data and crunch the numbers. Then, we'll announce the MSPmentor 100 global results and regional lists in Q1 2011.

For more information and to fill out the survey check out the MSPmentor 100 center. Thank you to those who have already completed the survey.

Also don't forget to participate in The VAR Guy's Channel Finance 25 survey, which helps VARs and MSPs to find sources for leases, lending, small business loans and other forms of small business financing. Deadline for also is December 17, 2010. Results will be announced in Q1 2011.

Thanks again to everyone who has already participated in the MSPmentor 100 and Channel Finance 25 surveys.

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