The MSPmentor 100: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The MSPmentor 100: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We unveiled the fifth-annual MSPmentor 100 report today during a webcast. The list identifies the world's top managed services providers (MSPs). Each time we publish the annual report we receive a flood of reader questions. This blog offers answers to the most frequently asked MSPmentor 100 questions that we've heard over the years.

1. What is the MSPmentor 100?

The MSPmentor 100 is an annual report that identifies the world's top managed services providers (MSPs), based on such metrics as annual recurring revenues, devices managed, business growth rates, revenues per employee and more. Update: the MSPmentor 100 and regional lists are now available here.

2. How can I see the MSPmentor 100 list and related results?

  • Register for our Resource Center and download five years worth of reports, which include market data from 2008 through 2012. The 2012 report will surface soon.
  • Visit to see the annual lists. The 2012 list is now available.
3. How is the data gathered?

MSPmentor conducts an annual survey each October through December, with results published each February.

4. Who can participate?

The survey is open to all MSPs worldwide. Our approach -- tracking multiple business metrics -- ensures small, midsize and large MSPs land on the MSPmentor 100.

5. What does the MSPmentor 100 include?

This year we've broken the report into multiple regions, including:
  • The MSPmentor 100, Global Edition
  • The MSPmentor 200, North America Edition
  • The MSPmentor 50, EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) Edition
  • The MSPmentor 25, AANZ (Asia, Australia, New Zealand) Edition
  • And plenty more
  • Note: We consider Central and South America to be emerging MSP markets and we will cover survey participants from those regions in a separate blog post.
6. Will MSPmentor alert my company if we've landed on the MSPmentor 100 or the regional lists?

Yes. We will email your survey contact on Thursday, Feb. 16, to let your company know about the honor.

7. How can our company promote our inclusion on the MSPmentor 100 and/or the regional lists?

We will email your survey contact on Thursday, Feb. 16, with information about template press releases and logos for your potential use.

8. What if our company completed the survey and did NOT land on the MSPmentor 100 and/or the regional lists?

First, we thank you for participating in the survey. Your time was not wasted. Here's why:
  • We used your data as part of our broader analysis of the MSP market.
  • We can still send you your company's overall global ranking -- even if you didn't land on our MSPmentor 100 Global Edition list. Simply email me (joe [at] NineLivesMediaInc [dot] com) and include this subject line: "Ranking Please: Your Company Name." We will reply back with your company's global ranking.
9. When is the next MSPmentor 100 survey? And what other surveys/reports do you offer?
  • The MSPmentor 100 survey runs each October through December. Watch for a survey link
  • The MSPmentor 250 survey identifies the world's top managed services executives, entrepreneurs and experts. The survey runs March through July, with results each August. Watch for a survey link
  • The Channel Finance 25 identifies lending, leasing and financial organizations with whom VARs and MSPs can work. The survey runs each Q2 with results late that quarter. Watch for a survey link
  • The Talkin' Cloud 50 identifies the top cloud services providers, cloud aggregators, cloud brokers, VARs and MSPs working in the cloud. The survey runs each January through April. Visit for the survey link.
  • The Talkin Cloud 200 identifies the top cloud computing and cloud services experts working within the IT channel. The list is ongoing, with five new executives surfacing each Friday. Read the ongoing list and potentially participate by visiting
  • Top 100 Channel Partner Conferences: Compiled from October through November and published each December. Visit here for details.

Got More Questions?

If you have additional questions feel free to post a comment and/or email me: joe [at] NineLivesMediaInc [dot] com.
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