MSPmentor 100: Big Changes This Year

MSPmentor 100: Big Changes This Year

A heads up to companies that have previously appeared on the MSPmentor 100 list: The fourth-annual MSPmentor 100, unveiled Feb. 16, has evolved dramatically from previous lists. In fact, some of the industry's best-known MSPs did not land on this year's MSPmentor 100. Why's that? Here's some insight.

Here's the situation: Imagine if you ran in a marathon in 2008. Only a few hundred people showed up for the marathon, and most of the runners were from your home town. Chances are, you performed pretty well compared to the rest of the pack. Now, imagine if you ran in that marathon again in 2011. This time, thousands of runners from across the world showed up. And everyone who entered the marathon was in much, much better shape because they've been quietly training for four years. Chances are, you're still a pretty darn good runner -- but the field of competition has grown tremendously...

Now, apply that example to the MSPmentor 100. When the first MSPmentor 100 list and research report debuted in early 2008, dozens of companies on the list had less than $1 million in annual recurring revenues. Fast forward to this year's list and every MSPmentor 100 company generates at least $2.5 million in annual recurring revenues. Moreover, MSPs from Europe, Africa and Australia continue to grab more slots on the list.

So as we prepare to unveil the MSPmentor 100 on today's webcast (with content debuting on our web site this evening) I hope to set reader expectations: The managed services market has grown dramatically since 2008. New names will debut on this year's list. Some familiar names won't make it. I apologize if we wind up disappointing some loyal readers -- many of whom share their views frequently via MSPmentor. I thank you for trusting MSPmentor to build a list based on real business metrics rather than picking and choosing companies at random.

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Oh, and just two more things:
  • The MSPmentor 250 survey -- tracking the world's top managed services executives, entrepreneurs and experts -- is now live in our MSPmentor 250 center. Deadline for MSPmentor 250 participation is June 24. Results will be announced in August 2011. This is our fourth-annual MSPmentor 250 survey; it serves as a Rolodex for those who want to build relationships rapidly in the managed services market.
  • The Talkin' Cloud 50 survey -- tracking the most successful VARs and MSPs working in the cloud -- is also live and runs through March 31, 2011. Results will be announced in Q2 2011. This is our first Talkin' Cloud 50 survey. I'm pleased to say the survey is attracting VARs and MSPs that specialize in online backup, SaaS security, hosted email, and more.
Thanks again for your time, your trust and your readership. Best wishes for continued success in 2011... and beyond.

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