MSPmentor 100 (2010 Edition): Ranked 1 to 100


Welcome to our MSPmentor 100 overall rankings (2010 edition). This index is based on such metrics as:
  • Annual managed services revenue (2009)
  • Annual managed services revenue growth (2009 vs. 2008, in U.S. dollars)
  • Annual managed services revenue growth (2009 vs. 2008, percentage growth)
  • Percentage of overall revenue from managed services (2009)
  • Devices/seats managed (2009)
  • Devices/seats managed, annual growth (2009 vs.2008, in raw numbers)
  • Devices/seats managed, percentage growth (2009 vs. 2008)
  • Recurring revenue per full-time employee (2009)
Through this index, we ensured that the MSPmentor 100 includes a healthy mix of small, midsize and large managed service providers worldwide. We also promised survey participants that we would not disclose specific financial information they shared with us.

MSPmentor 100, Overall Rankings (2010)

Rank Company and Web Link Country CEO First CEO Last Official Title
1 mindSHIFT Technologies Inc. USA Paul Chisholm Chairman and CEO
2 Long View Canada Don Bialik CEO
3 PEQ Services+Solutions USA Jason Evans President & CEO
4 CDW Hosting and Managed Services USA Tom Richards President & COO
5 Brennan VDI Pty Ltd. Australia David Stevens Managing Director
6 Littlefish IT Support UK Adam Webb CEO
7 Glowpoint Inc. USA Joseph Laezza President and Co-CEO
8 En Route Solutions Ltd. UK Shiraj Ali CEO
9 The Revere Group USA Micahel Parks CEO
10 Enterprise Integration USA Michael Locher President & CEO
11 Dataprise Inc. USA David Eisner CEO
12 Eurodata Systems plc England Simon Aron Co-Owner & Co-Managing Dir.
13 hSo UK Chris Evans Managing Director
14 Cobweb Solutions Ltd. UK Mark Adams Managing Director
15 Appia Communications Inc. USA Victor von Schlegell President
16 Corporate Technologies LLC USA Jim Griffith CEO
17 7ticks, LLC USA Joseph Bigane Managing Director
18 SymQuest Group Inc. USA Larry Sudbay President & CEO
19 Advanced Network Products Inc. USA David Mulvey President
20 All Covered USA Tim Mott CEO
21 Alpheon Corp. USA Greg Donovan President & CEO
22 Netforce Pty Ltd Australia Scott Atkinson Director
23 ITLab UK Sebastian Gray CEO
24 Circle Computer Resources Inc. USA Pat Kelly President/CEO
25 Do IT Smarter USA Lane Smith CEO & President
26 Integral Solutions Group USA Russ Weber President
27 L7 Solutions Australia Mathew Sullivan CEO
28 NetGain Technologies USA Mark Jacobson CEO
29 TekLinks USA Stuart Raburn CEO
30 HEIT USA Dan Holt CEO
31 Logicorps USA Scott Wiederhold President & CEO
32 MicroMenders USA Dave Sperry President and CEO
33 ERGOS Technology USA Steve Winter President / CEO
34 CompuVision Systems Inc. Canada Ryan Vestby CEO
35 IT Authorities Inc. USA Jason & Jason Caras & Pollner Co-CEO 7 Co-CEO
36 CT Networks USA Barry Goldstein President and CEO
37 Nasstar plc UK Charles Black CEO
38 Thrive Networks Inc. USA Jim Lippie President
39 Business Vitals USA Jeff Brewer President & CEO
40 Capital Support UK David Mansfield Director
41 ECFBN, Inc. USA Brent Doherty Pres. & Founding Partner
42 Lloyd Group USA Adam Eiseman CEO
43 Interactive E Solutions LLC USA Brandon Foreman CEO
44 ClearPointe USA Jeff Johnson President/CEO
45 Akibia Inc. USA Thomas Tucker President
46 Endsight USA Michael Chaput CEO
47 outsourceIT USA Craig Guice CEO/President
48 Safe Systems Inc. USA Darren Bridges President
49 SSI Solutions Inc. Canada Alex Webb CEO
50 Lanmark Technical Services Ltd. England Stephen Winchcombe Managing Director
51 Corporate Network Services Inc. USA Marshall Micheals Owner
52 Claris Networks LLC USA Larry Bodie President and CEO
53 Netsurit (Pty) Ltd. South Africa Orrin Klopper CEO
54 Accord Technologies Wa Pty Ltd. Australia Michael Ford Managing Director
55 LiquidSpoke Inc. USA Richard Tarity President & CEO
56 Mirus IT Solutions UK Paul Tomlinson Managing Director
57 RIATA Technologies Inc USA Tommy Wald President & CEO
58 Helion USA Erk Nachbahr President
59 Upic Solutions USA Winston Faircloth CEO
60 Data Recovery Services LLC USA Mike Meloy CEO
61 IT Solutions Consulting USA Ted Swanson CEO/CFO
62 ProActive IT Solutions USA John Roberts President
63 American Technology Services, Inc. USA Jeff Chandler President/CEO
64 eFrame USA Jim Folsom President
65 Synoptek Inc. USA Tim Britt CEO
66 enkompas Technology Solutions USA Chris Parry CEO
67 Everon Technology Services USA Mike Cooch CEO
68 LAN Solutions Inc. USA Tim Rettig President
69 Sagiss USA Keith Walters President/COO
70 BCT Consulting, Inc. USA Eric Rawn President
71 Acropolis Technology Group USA Tracy Butler President
72 IT Focus Ltd. Ireland Neil Stone-Wigg Managing Director
73 Techcare LLC USA Steven Feldman CEO
74 Thinsolutions USA Michael Fischer CEO
75 ETG USA Mike Jones CEO
76 CharTecand ARRC Technology USA Alex Rogers President/CEO
77 CHIPS Technology Group USA Evan Leonard President
78 Compudyne Inc. USA Brad Schow President/COO
79 Fandotech USA John Boyd President
80 Global Data Consultants USA Gregory Courtney President & CEO
81 PMV Technologies USA Sam Rozenberg Managing Partner
82 Schutte Informatisering Netherlands Marcel Schutte CEO
83 SLPowers USA Rory Sanchez CEO
84 White Glove Technologies USA Carey Balzer President & CEO
85 Ramsac Ltd England Robert May Managing Director
86 Computer Service Partners, Inc. USA Bill Riddick President
87 iVision USA Gabe Damiani CEO
88 Jackson Thornton Technologies, LLC USA Patti Perdue Managing Partner
89 The I.T. Pros USA Doug Ford President
90 Anexio Inc. USA Jeff Nelson President and CEO
91 Advanced Network Solutions USA Sonny Clark President
92 Ancero LLC USA Paul Boyer Executive Director
93 Compunite Computers Inc. USA Steve Ferman President
94 masterIT USA Michael Drake Founder/CEO
95 LANtech Ltd New Zealand Paul McQuinlan Managing Director
96 NetServe365 LLC USA William Stevens President
97 AXXIS Technology Australia Mathew Dickerson Managing Director
98 ManageForce Corp. USA John Hughes President
99 Network Depot/Virtual Administrator USA Rich Forsen CEO
100 BlueLock USA John Qualls President & CEO

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