MSPmentor 100 (2008-2009 Edition): Top 25 Ranked By Percentage of Revenues From Managed Services


Welcome to our rankings by percentage of revenue from managed services. This portion of the MSPmentor 100 is based purely on 2008 managed services revenue vs. 2008 overall company revenue.

Please note that hundreds of pure-play MSPs that generate all of their revenue from managed services (i.e., 100%) did not qualify for this list and our MSPmentor 100 ranking because the of other financial metrics, such as a falling revenue. In other words, companies first had to qualify for the MSPmentor 100 before they could land on this Top 25 ranking by percentage of revenues from managed services.

Top 25 Ranked By Percentage of Revenues From Managed Services

Rank Percentage Company City/State Country: Top Exec MSPmentor 100 Overall Rank
1 100.00% Advanced Network Products Inc. Glenside, Pa. USA David Mulvey, President 21
1 100.00% Backup Technology Ltd. Leeds UK Simon Chappell, CEO 34
1 100.00% Do IT Smarter San Diego, Calif. USA Lane Smith, President 16
1 100.00% Interactive E-Solutions LLC Baton Rouge, La. USA Brandon Foreman, CIO 19
1 100.00% LAN Doctors Inc. Mahwah, N.J. USA Eric Speer, President 100
1 100.00% LightEdge Solutions Des Moines, Ia. USA Jim Masterson, CEO 24
1 100.00% MSP Services Network (MSPSN) Omaha, Neb. USA Amy Luby, CEO 31
1 100.00% Upic Solutions Fort Mitchell, Ky. USA Winston Faircloth, CEO 70
9 97.32% Perimeter eSecurity Milford, Conn. USA Brad Miller, CEO 2
10 95.00% Business Online Ltd Auckland New Zealand Waynne Dartnall, CEO 76
11 92.86% U&D Square Solutions PVt. Ltd. Pune India Deepak Dwivedi, CEO 6
12 90.00% Everon Technology Services Boston, Mass. USA Michael Cooch, CEO 98
13 87.84% 7ticks IT Chicago, Ill. USA Joe Bigane, Managing Director 17
14 85.71% Cobweb Solutions Ltd. Fareham UK Mark Adams, Managing Director 8
15 85.56% Business Vitals Columbia, S.C. USA Jeff Brewer, President and CEO 93
16 85.00% Sinu Inc. New York, N.Y. USA Larry Velez, CTO 59
17 83.33% ClearPointe Little Rock, Ark. USA Jeff Johnson, CEO 77
18 82.86% masterIT LLC Bartlett, Tenn. USA Michael Drake, CEO 99
19 82.86% Sentry Networks Adamstown Heights Australia Steven Begley, CEO 60
20 82.35% mindSHIFT Technologies Inc. Fairfax, Va. USA Paul Chisholm, Chairman & CEO 1
21 80.00% Appia Communications Inc. Traverse City, Mich. USA Victor von Schlegell, President 5
22 78.95% Convergence Southlake, Tex. USA James Jefferies, CEO 88
22 78.95% Sagiss LLC Irving, Tex. USA Keith Walters, President 43
24 77.69% Enterprise Integration Jacksonville, Fla. USA Michael Locher, President & CEO 11
25 75.00% Bay Computing Group Concord, Calif. USA Kirk Harding, CEO 40
25 75.00% iNet Strategy Inc. Nashville, Tenn. USA Robert Morris, President 27
25 75.00% Jackson Thorton Technologies LLC Montgomery, Ala. USA Patti Perdue, President 28[/table]

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