MSPmentor 100 (2008-2009 Edition): Top 25 - Managed Services Revenue Dollar Growth


Welcome to our rankings by managed services dollar growth. This portion of the MSPmentor 100 is based purely on 2008 managed services revenue vs. 2007 managed services revenue. Actual revenue figures are not displayed because we promised survey participants dollar-figure confidentiality.

Please note that hundreds of larger MSPs did not qualify for this list and our MSPmentor 100 ranking because of other financial metrics, such as flat annual growth. In other words, companies first had to qualify for the MSPmentor 100 before they could land on this Top 25 ranking by managed services dollar growth.

Top 25 Ranked By Managed Services Dollar Growth

MSP Revenue Dollar Growth Company City/State Country Top Exec MSPmentor 100 Overall Rank
1 Hitachi Software Engineering Co., Ltd. Shinagawa-ku Japan Isao Ono, President & CEO 68
2 mindSHIFT Technologies Inc. Fairfax, Va. USA Paul Chisholm, Chairman & CEO 1
3 Perimeter eSecurity Milford, Conn. USA Brad Miller, CEO 2
4 Hosted Solutions Raleigh, N.C. USA Rich Lee, CEO 20
5 LightEdge Solutions Des Moines, Ia. USA Jim Masterson, CEO 24
6 MicroMenders San Francisco, Calif. USA Dave Sperry, President 4
7 NetGain Technologies Inc. Lexington, Ky. USA Mark Jacobson, CEO 22
8 Long View Systems Corp. Calgary Canada Don Bialik, President & CEO 32
9 7ticks IT Chicago, Ill. USA Joe Bigane, Managing Director 17
10 Thrive Networks Inc. Concord, Mass. USA Jim Lippie, President 9
11 Alpheon Corp. Morrisville, N.C. USA Greg Donovan, President & CEO 3
12 Appia Communications Inc. Traverse City, Mich. USA Victor von Schlegell, President 5
13 FusionStorm San Francisco, Calif. USA John Varel, CEO 41
14 PEQ Consulting Inc. Miamisburg, Oh. USA Jason Evans, President & CEO 12
15 Valley Networks Solutions Fresno, Calif. USA Daniel Duffy, CEO/CIO 23
16 HEIT Fort Collins, Colo. USA Dan Holt, CEO 13
17 Enterprise Integration Jacksonville, Fla. USA Michael Locher, President & CEO 11
18 BHI Advanced Internet Eden Prairie, Minn. USA Dave Perrill, President 18
19 Interactive E-Solutions LLC Baton Rouge, La. USA Brandon Foreman, CIO 19
20 Safe Systems Inc. Alpharetta, Ga. USA Darren Bridges, President 15
21 All Covered Inc. Redwood City, Calif. USA Tim Mott, CEO 42
22 Synoptek Inc. Santa Ana, Calif. USA Tim Britt, CEO 30
23 Structured Technologies, Inc. Rochester, N.Y. USA Joe Oster, President 26
24 Synergy Global Solutions Pittsford, N.Y. USA Clark Crook, President 38
25 Infinity Business Systems Tampa, Fla. USA Terry Hedden, CEO 39

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