MSP Tweeting 101: Getting the Most Out of Twitter

Managed services providers (MSPs) can benefit from their Twitter accounts by tweeting useful content to their followers. Do you know what content is "useful" to your customers? If not, maybe you should pay closer attention to the needs of your customers.

Engage your customers
Don't tell: engage. Your followers aren't following your MSP to know more about your company; they are following your MSP to gain an advantage over their peers.

Don't just provide your customers with updates about your company. Despite what you may think, your announcements are probably dry and boring to the average consumer or business. Always ask: Would I be interested in this if I was my customer? If you find yourself answering no, then you may need to change your game plan.

Tweet fresh content
Old news is boring; in fact, it's not "news" at all. Don't use content from your website. Instead, develop fresh content for your followers on Twitter. Provide your followers with an incentive to follow you.

Fresh content can be used as an incentive. If your customers know that your Twitter account contains fresh and useful insight, they will more than likely share your content. Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone -- allow your imagination to run wild.

Tweet regularly
Don't miss the opportunity to tweet. You may not choose to tweet on the weekends, but be sure to tweet during the week. You don't want your MSP to get lost in the crowd.

Should you tweet every week, day, or hour? There is no magic number, but you should tweet as often as your followers allow you. Pay close attention to how your followers engage with your brand. If they are not engaging as often as you like, try tweeting less.

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