MSP Sales: How to Hire the Best, Fire the Rest

MSP Sales: How to Hire the Best, Fire the Rest

The conversation started at CompTIA Breakaway in August. There, CharTec CEO Alex Rogers approached me about the sorry state of sales leadership in the MSP market. "What is it going to take for MSPs to hire  and motivate the right sales team members and fire the rest?" Rogers asked me. My reply: Instead of discussing this one-on-one, why don't you offer your guidance during our Channel Expert Hour webcast? Rogers embraced the idea and is set to give MSPs sales advice and take your questions during our  November 1 webcast. So what will we cover? Here are some clues.

Also joining us will be Chris Wiser, CEO of TechSquadIT -- a company that has aligned its sales team to drive profitable growth. Wiser and Rogers will discuss:

  • The Interview Process -- how to ask the right questions to find the right candidates?
  • Red Flags -- how to know the candidate is not a fit.
  • Compensation Guidance -- models that keep sales team members motivated.
  • Measuring Success -- a 90-day road map to ensure your new hire either succeeds or exits.
  • Cutting Them Loose -- when and how to say goodbye.
Rogers tends to be a colorful guy. Strongly opinionated and outspoken. I wonder: Will you agree with his advice? Or will you push back and offer alternative perspectives? Either way you should look forward to a lively conversation that includes plenty of attendee questions -- and views from Rogers and Wiser.

Sales isn't a one-time fix. You need a plan.
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