MSP Communications: Dump the Robot, Promote the Human

In times of distress, the voice of another human being alleviates worry, easing the mind, while comfort overwhelms panic. A robot cannot replace the caring sound of another person. While managed services providers (MSPs) will not always operate under Hurricane Sandy conditions, they will, however, be in contact with clients every day through various forms of communication. Establish relationships with your clients by throwing automated messages to the curb and developing an understanding of customer needs.

When your clients are cold, frustrated, and hungry, they turn to you for solutions. Your immediate reaction may be to run and hide, fearing a revolt from dissatisfied individuals, but this cowardice will only prevent direct hits to your castle for a limited time. Instead, take the high road, and shelter your clients from harm, shielding them from the harsh conditions from the storm.

A storm may bring out the worst in people, but it also brings out the best. Hurricane Sandy left millions without power and heat (including myself), hundreds without homes, and, sadly, took the lives of more than 100 people. With that being said, thousands of people are offering their assistance to those in need by providing shelter, clothes, and food. How is your MSP assisting clients who are in need?

Always take a step out of your comfort zone for clients. Have an employee answer your phone, instead of an automated message. Provide your clients with information before the storm hits (as many backup and disaster recovery services MSPs did). Nothing is more comforting than knowing that someone cares. Offer your clients the world, and you'll receive the universe in return.

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