More Business Talk, Less Social Media Lingo

If you run social media for your company, your boss probably doesn't understand social media lingo. In fact, unfortunately, you're most likely always playing defense, protecting yourself from being terminated, aren't you? Think about the last time a superior of yours spoke positively about social media's role in a business. If you can't remember, look in the mirror.

Speak your boss's language.
Your boss doesn't care how many followers the company's Facebook account has accumulated this past month; you're not speaking your boss's mother tongue -- a language learned from birth. To fix this simple problem, show your boss what he or she wants: results.

If your boss is concerned about bringing in leads, show how social media marketing can assist in reaching this objective -- use numbers. How many "likes" on your Facebook page did you convert into customers? How much profit did those customers reel in?

There are still social media marketing skeptics out there who believe you sit behind a computer all day long to update your company's Facebook status, which, according to them, is a waste of time and money. Without thinking like a business owner, you'll be proving them right. Track, analyze, and predict your results.

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