Mobilize Addresses Mobile Workforce Management Challenges

As more people bring their personal mobile devices to work, IT departments face constant challenges. While company-owned mobile devices are a lot easier to manage, many workers prefer their own mobile devices. And some employers may secretly favor employee-owned devices because they offer so much more functionality.

However, complications do arise for managers. Are personally owned devices going to be secure enough, and, if they are, how? On the other hand, can individuals expect the same level of IT support for their own mobile devices?

Mobilize, developed by MoCo Solutions, seeks to answer these questions. Mobilize replaces paper-based work flow processes with an app designed to use on standard handsets or smartphone units. The benefits of Mobilize include a reduction in costs, an increase in efficiency, ISO compliance, lower carbon footprint and improvement in information quality.

The down side? Mobilize does not currently work with Apple's iPhone.

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