Mformation Releases Cloud Device Management for MSPs

Mformation Technologies Inc. -- a mobile device management solutions provider -- recently announced its cloud-based MDM solution, Mformation mCloudPlus, for managed service providers. This solution aims to help enterprises overcome a number of specific mobility challenges. mCloudPlus says its solution for MSPs includes scalability, MSP branding, integration, device support, customer data security, and up-front cost.

With this service, MSPs will pay a flat-rate license fee. Up to 100 million devices, 10,000 tenants, and 20,000 concurrent service-desk agents are available on this platform. To assist MSPs with branding, mCloudPlus provides MSPs with the ability create a logo-branded interface specific to the MSP. Web-service APIs allow integration into any ITSM management tool or framework. Multi-tenant capability is provided for the protection of data between customers.

Enterprise customers will receive benefits from MSPs including:

  • Strengthened security
  • Application management
  • IT service management
  • Complete visibility
  • Advanced reporting
Over 500 million devices are under the management of Mformation Technologies Inc. Operators and service providers manage and secure mobile phones through the company's lifecycle management solutions. To find out more about the company, visit their website.
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