Managed Services FAQ: How Can I Build An Online Storefront?

Managed Services FAQ: How Can I Build An Online Storefront?

MSPmentor's Managed Services FAQ continues to expand. But we still don't have all the answers. In fact, the following reader question -- about building an online storefront -- stumped me. Can you assist? Feel free to read the question and post a comment featuring your advice. Here's the question...

The reader wants to know:

"We are an MSP and currently use QuoteWerks along with ConnectWise.  We're looking to take it to the next level and offer our customers a store front so that we can capture additional revenue.  We've looked at ChannelOnline and weren't able to get the contract done with them due to some verbiage issues.  Besides VARStreet, is there another good company or product that would allow us to offer the storefront while still being able to do manual quotes and integrate with both ConnectWise and QuickBooks?"

Got a potential answer? Post a comment and we'll update our Managed Services FAQ accordingly.

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