LogicBay LogoCompany Overview: LogicBay deploys channel enablement solutions. We help manufacturers and their channel partners to empower their sales teams to sell differently, respond holistically to rapidly changing markets, and optimize investments for revenue growth.

Our solutions are typically deployed when rapidly changing markets and product offerings require a different and more effective approach to sales. Our Web-based sales enablement programs continuously improve the performance of channel reps and their managers.

Our success is built upon our ability to codify sales and sales manager fundamentals with how top performers optimally sell a particular solution. We then make it easy for core performing reps to execute the optimal approach on a daily basis while assisting sales managers in the hiring, coaching and development process. LogicBay's clients include channel partners and their manufacturers within high-tech as well as heavy equipment, and include such blue chip companies as Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, 3M, CDW, Caterpillar, Freightliner and others.

Solution Overview: LogicBay's solutions are delivered in partnership with STM360, a world-class sales development organization that has helped more than 200 companies upgrade the talent on their sales teams. Together, LogicBay and STM360 deliver a Web-based managed program that has demonstrated extraordinary results for enabling sales reps and their managers to effectively execute the sales approach for managed services and other emerging high-tech solutions.

Key program elements include:

  • On-line tutorials, knowledge checks and on-the-job sales tools
  • Ask The Expert forums
  • Sales rep and manager real-world certifications and measurement
  • Sales force readiness visibility analytics
  • Continuous engagement events such as coaching sessions, Web-casts and real-time best practice dissemination
  • Turnkey management of program
Contact Information:
Al Rosenbaum
al.rosenbaum [at] logicbay.com
"Engage and Develop Your Channels. Now!"
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