Logicalis Wants to MEET MSPs, Help Them Expand

Logicalis Wants to MEET MSPs, Help Them Expand

Julie Spillerwayne-kiphartMSPmentor 501 company Logicalis is reaching out to lend its expertise, business relationships and financial muscle to help other managed service providers grow. The goal is to work with those who have achieved a certain degree of success but have found themselves stuck as they struggle to get to the next level in a fast-moving market. To help these companies achieve an expansion of their businesses, Logicalis has introduced M.E.E.T. or MSP Expert Extension Team. MSPmentor spoke with a couple of Logicalis executives helping to spearhead the initiative, Julie Spiller (pictured), director of IBM Data Center and Cloud Services and Wayne Kiphart (pictured), VP of managed services at Logicalis. Here are the details.

Kiphart told me that the program has been in place already for about 18 months and currently is working with over 20 partners, primarily ISVs, and then another 10 just on infrastructure. The recent announcement marks an expansion of the program, and an effort to reach out to more MSPs, specifically those whose businesses are in transition. Maybe they are looking to add significant cloud services for the first time. Maybe they need to make an infrastructure investment, but require help with financing to make it happen.  Or maybe their clients face compliance issues and the MSP needs help to make this happen. These are the kinds of areas where the Logicalis program can help.

“There are a lot of MSPs or ISVs that are looking for partners to help them grow,” Kiphart said.

Accessing Services at Big Vendors

For instance, Logicalis is offering easier access for these expansion-minded MSPs to programs such as IBM (NYSE:IBM) Global Financing for infrastructure investments. Logicalis is also partnering with distributor Avnet (NYSE:AVT).

Targeting New Markets

Spiller told me about one client, a company that offered marketing, hosting services and web services as a managed service. They were expanding into web analytics and wanted to take it one step further into business intelligence. Logicalis worked with the company on an IBM solution for infrastructure that they were able to pay for as they grow in capacity, Spiller said.

And MSPs are not the only potential clients for the program. Others may be businesses such as value added resellers or other companies who are looking to move into managed services or cloud services.

A Big List of Services

The following is a small sampling of the programs spelled out in the M.E.E.T. program brochure (and you can click through here to see more complete and much longer list of them):
  • IBM Pay As You Grow – a discounting program that lowers the up front tech purchase price, letting IT service providers pay for just what they use. This includes all servers and not just blades, as well as software such as Avnet Ascendant services.
  • Avnet CapacityNow -- On-site storage and blade server capacity that never runs out; lets you pay for resources through a service based solely on utilized capacity; enables you to minimize IT expenses with predictable and scalable infrastructure
  • Logicalis ServiceNow -- Cloud-based services that automate enterprise IT operations; Enabling you to standardize business processes and consolidating IT across a global enterprise; letting you manage your expanding clientele and managed services portfolio
Logicalis is also looking to potentially co-develop vertical solutions with other MSPs. Stay tuned for more news out of this program. Kiphart said he expects it to double in the number of partners over the next 18 months.

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