Live Blog: ConnectWise CEO Arnie Bellini Keynote IT Nation 2012

Live Blog: ConnectWise CEO Arnie Bellini Keynote IT Nation 2012

ConnectWise CEO Arnie Bellini, during his IT Nation keynote, walked attendees through a path that success that's loosely based on concepts from best selling author Jim Collins. Then, Bellini demonstrated deeper, end-to-end integration between ConnectWise (business management software), LabTech Software (remote monitoring and management) and Quosal (sales quoting and proposal software). The idea is to give VARs and MSPs an end-to-end lifecycle management experience.  Here's the minute by minute keynote update.

The update...

1. The big theme: ConnectWise: Run Better. (As in, use ConnectWise to run your business better.)

2. Thanksgiving: Bellini views the event as the annual gathering where the industry breaks bread, gives thanks, potentially gets a little drunk, but ultimately gives thanks.

3. Path to Success: Bellini is talking about a 20 mile march -- and use fanatical discipline every day, leaning on concepts from best selling author Jim Collins.

  • When you hit a problem zoom out. Make believe it's not your problem, look at it independently and find your path forward.
  • ConnectWise is not a software company, he offered, noting that the company instead is a pyramid of success. (1) It involves best practices (based on 30 years of business in August); (2) software; (3) support; (4) education; (5) consulting; (6) community; (7) success.
  • Business becomes boring if you keep doing the same thing. "Success is meat and potatoes boring; it's Alabama football. They grind their opponents down in the third and fourth quarter because they have fanatical discipline."
  • The objective is success. And it's okay if that's boring.
  • Side note: 93.7% satisfaction rate YTD on ConnectWise support; 68% of tickets closed within 24 hours; 10,000 tickets per month. "Ding us if we're not meeting expectations."
  • Careful when you get to the land of mediocrity. "Success is everywhere. You have no excuse for failure. You have no excuse for being mediocre."
  • Have a specific, methodical and consistent (SMaC) recipe for success. More details on that from MSPmentor a little later today. Don't have a SMaC recipe? Talk to CharTec Academy, he said.
  • Side note: ConnectWise's IT business in Tampa, does not take on lawyers and doctors as clients because of the deep vertical market requirements.
  • Crossing the Chasm: It typically involves sales and talent. Cross it with education. Imagine 3,000 software titles and courses online. Also check out ConnectWise Partner Kits, "Throw me a bone," Bellini quipped, urging attendees to leverage the kits.
  • ConnectWise is beta testing a self audit system -- Business Transformation Audits -- that helps MSPs and VARs to discover what's going right and wrong in their businesses.
  • The Big News: ConnectWise Marketplace -- a new app store promoting ISVs that integrate with ConnectWise.
Big thought: Don't push people up the hill of success. Instead stand at the top and challenge others to come up the hill and join you.

4. Integration: Bellini is now demonstrating LabTech discovering network resources, automated invoicing for related services in ConnectWise; then a single-click integration that launches a Quosal session to help prepare a new quote for for a project, and then follow it all the way through the system (back at LabTech, ConnectWise, etc.).

5. 2013 Roadmap: Bellini demonstrated a browser-based user interface that earned strong applause, plus there is SLA integration with each ticket so support folks can understand how quickly the need to resolve the issue.



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