Kaseya User Conference: 30 Highlights (10 to 1)

Here's the final portion of our Top 30 Highlights from the Kaseya User Conference in Las Vegas.

Items 30 to 21: Listed Here
Items 20 to 11: Listed Here

10. Going Mobile: Kaseya plans to roll out agents for smart phones like the iPhone, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry and even Google Android devices.

9. Collaborative Service Delivery: Kaseya is developing a framework to allow MSPs to work with one another, so that one MSP can focus on backup, the other on managed Exchange, and so on. See item 3 on my list for a somewhat similar move from Autotask.

8. ITIL: The information technology infrastructure library (ITIL) was mentioned over and over again as a core area of focus for Kaseya and MSPs.

7. Purple Reign: Our contributing blogger, The VAR Guy, snuck away from the conference to see a Price cover band Sunday night. Hey VAR Guy: Why didn’t U Take Me With U?

6. The Land Down Under:
Several attendees traveled in from Australia, proving that the managed services market has global appeal.

5. WiFi Conspiracy Theory:
In-room WiFi service at the Four Seasons Hotel was hit-and-miss, as was wired broadband service. There’s an old theory that Vegas hotels sabotage their own in-room services in order to keep you in the casinos. It’s one of the rare conspiracy theories that I believe.

4. Upbeat Mood:
I don’t think MSPs are immune to the weak economy, but overall most attendees and speakers said they expect double- (and even triple-) digit revenue growth for the managed services this year.

3. Outsourcing Management: During a private breakfast with Autotask CEO Bob Godgart, he mentioned that Autotask is developing an outsourcing system that will allow Autotask users to coordinate tickets and other processes with Autotask peers and even users of outside systems, such as OnForce.

2. Humble Pie: Imagine if Microsoft got on a stage and apologized for Windows Vista’s launch not going quite so well. Kaseya executives did that – though on a far smaller scale – here when they conceded that the Kaseya 2008 platform launch could have gone smoother. Attendees were impressed with Kaseya’s humble assessment of the rollout, and with the steps Kaseya plans to take to simplify future launches.

1. Galvanizing Moment: Kaseya was one of two finalists for a major IT project at McDonalds in 2007. But Kaseya ultimately lost the deal to Microsoft. Sources say Bill Gates personally visited McDonalds to win the business away from Kaseya. Ironically, the loss energized Kaseya, and convinced company insiders that they were ready to compete with all comers.

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