IVenture: Face-to-Face Events Boost Managed Services Revenues

IVenture: Face-to-Face Events Boost Managed Services Revenues

Joe Turso from iVentureAs the world shifts to more and more online meetings, iVenture -- an MSPmentor 100 company in Jacksonville, Fla. -- continues to promote monthly face-to-face events to drive customer education and qualified lead generation. The result: Roughly 20 percent of event attendees become customers, according to iVenture Director of Operations Joe Turso (pictured). Here's the background.

The monthly meetings include a cloud overview, and a closer look at iVenture private cloud hosting and related IT services. iVenture hopes the approach will land them  $100,000 each month in recurring revenues.

"Our events are free and open to the public," said Turso. "We generally get a 20 percent conversion rate," he said when describing how many attendees become cystomers. iVenture currently has over 550 customers, about 200 of which leverage managed services. Roughly 10 percent of that clientele leverages cloud services. "The cloud is an educational cycle," said Turso. "And it takes a longer period of time to convert clients into a cloud network."

iVenture has has partnerships with Microsoft, Citrix, Overland Storage, Cisco and SonicWALL, just to name a few. But the strongest aspect of the company is that they know exactly who their target audience is and what that target audience is looking for.

"We are all about companies in the 20-45 user range," said Turso. "We focus on what we do well and on continuing to make those services better." The company continues to serve the Jacksonville and Orlando metropolitan areas. Will iVenture consider further geographic expansion through mergers and acquisitions? "We don't just acquire for the sake of acquiring," said Turso. "We want to acquire companies that fit with what we are doing now and what we want to do in the future."

In the meantime, it's safe to say iVenture is set to host another face-to-face gathering next month, continuing the quest to transform prospects into long-term customer engagements.

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