iPhone 5, iOS 6 Mobile Device Management: BoxTone Wants MSPs

iPhone 5, iOS 6 Mobile Device Management: BoxTone Wants MSPs

BoxTone appears to be among the first mobile device management (MDM) companies to support iPhone 5 and iOS 6, which Apple unveiled yesterday. Even more importantly for managed services providers: BoxTone actually has an MDM partner program designed for MSPs that want to assist customers with BYOD (bring your own device) challenges.

According to a BoxTone statement:

"BoxTone will enable enterprises and their employees to deploy and manage the smartphone [iPhone 5 and iOS 6] safely, reliably and efficiently, thanks to BoxTone's automated EMM platform that simplifies the delivery of enterprise mobile services."

The BoxTone service costs 99 cents per device per month, though I don't know if MSPs can adjust pricing for end-customers.

Chances are dozens of MDM platforms will support Apple's new smartphone and operating system. And a growing list of RMM (remote monitoring and management) software companies now offer MDM capabilities -- with iOS 6 and iPhone 5 support on the way.

But Boxtone is actually putting a stake in the ground, proclaiming support right now and reaching out to MSPs. BoxTone claims eight of the world's top 10 MSPs are running the company's MDM platform -- though I don't know where that figure comes from. BoxTone announced its enterprise mobility management partner network earlier this year.
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