iPad and Attorneys: MobileIron Helps Law Firm with BYOD

As you may know, the needs and wants of your employees must always be balanced with security realities. With that in mind, Maclay Murray and Spens LLP (MMS), one of Scotland’s oldest commercial law firms, has implemented MobileIron, Mobile Device Management (MDM) software. After years of providing employees with BlackBerry devices, the IT team received multiple requests from employees who wanted to switch over to Apple and Android devices for work-related purposes.

And while RIM may be working to support other mobile devices such as iOS and Android on the back end, Crawford Hawley-Groat, Director of IT at MMS, says that the company’s “BlackBerry-only mobile policy was no longer fulfilling the demands of our employees.” However, it is safe to say that lawyers are looking for a platform that is more diverse.

The iPad, on the other hand, is increasingly being used in legal environments, attorneys use it as a substitute for physical files -- more convenient for lawyers who need data managed on the move. Tablet-based computing enables lawyers to accomplish these demands.

MMS did its homework before selecting MobileIron. MMS went through multiple vendors, but selected MobileIron based on its ability to protect user experiences and, at the same time, provide superior visibility. MMS worked closely with Bridgeway Security Solutions to implement MobileIron across corporate-owned devices.

MMS wanted their employees to be able to access vital corporate information on personal devices, but also wanted to be reassured that they had the security and management to do so.

How do you balance the needs of your customers' employees with your security concerns?

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