An Inside Look at the State of Servers and Software: 2012

An Inside Look at the State of Servers and Software: 2012

At the end of 2012, Datto took a poll of our partners to gather metrics regarding the systems that Datto devices are currently backing up. We got some great information that provides an accurate snapshot of the current state of the IT infrastructures within the SMB space that we monitored. The linked infographic represents some of the interesting statistics that we gathered from our study.

You'll find the infographic here.

The most notable statistics were those related to server platforms. These metrics provide a glimpse into the platforms used to host client machines. As expected, the physical system is still the most popular server platform. This study also stayed true with the current trends of virtualization technology in the marketplace, with 46 percent of servers operating within a virtual platform and VMWare as the most prevalent platform vendor, supporting 67 percent of the share of virtual environments.

Due to the rapid rise of the virtual server in the SMB workplace, features such as VHD and VMDK exporting are critical to supporting the recovery of virtual environments. With the potential of virtual server applications eclipsing the volume of the physical servers in 2013, Datto is committed to further investment in developing cutting-edge virtual restoration capabilities.

Datto Inc. is an award-winning vendor of backup, data recovery (BDR) and intelligent business continuity (IBC) solutions, providing  technology and support to more than 5,000 channel Partners throughout North America and Europe. Datto's hybrid-cloud BDR/IBC technology provides instant on- and off-site virtualization of servers and workstations, serving the needs of small to medium-sized businesses.



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