IBM PureSystems Automates IT, Apps for MSPs and Clients

IBM is launching a new way for MSPs to take line-of-business computing to midmarket companies with IBM PureSystems, which IBM describes as “expert integrated computing systems designed to radically simplify enterprise computing by making it easier, more secure and less expensive to own and maintain.”

So, just what does that mean? IBM says the system includes all the hardware, networking, software and services you need to get started. The hardware looks like a basic rack system that plugs into a standard 110 volt wall socket and a standard Ethernet connection. It supports Linux and Windows. MSPs can use these systems to host applications for end-user companies.

Applications are available for sale at The PureSystems Centre, an online enterprise application and solution store with more than 150 general and industry-specific applications that are optimized for IBM PureSystems.

The price tag for the basic system? $100,000. But IBM Midmarket Business VP Ed Abrams told me that MSPs with the right penetration in vertical markets – 40 to 60 customers as a ballpark number (depending on the amount of compute needed) -- could see ROI in about six months. Plus, of course, IBM is offering financing through its IBM Capital arm to customers and partners.  Business Partners also can include their own content and services with IBM PureSystems to offer the client one contract and one monthly payment, IBM said.

The value of the PureSystems isn’t in just the hardware. It’s also in the best practices that are built into the software tools that automate many routine IT and industry tasks to reduce the costs of operations for both MSPs and end user companies. IBM calls these “Patterns of Expertise,” and says, for instance, deployment time for a CRM (customer relationship management) system can be reduced from three days to under an hour.

Where does the automation knowledge to do this come from? IBM said that they are based on develop-once-run-anywhere repeatable software patterns from thousands of client engagements by IBM and its Business Partners.

IBM is offering line-of-business applications through its PureSystems Centre enterprise app store from 125 ISVs partners including SAP, VMware, SugarCRM, Red Hat and Siemens, among many others, covering IBM’s 17 vertical market specialties including financial, retail, manufacturing, wholesale distribution and healthcare.

This seems to me very similar to other vendors' playbooks or recipe books for more streamlined implementations, but this is actually baked into the software itself.

PureSystems can be downloaded and deployed at either the client site, a hosted business partner site or run on a public cloud environment on the IBM SmartCloud.  In addition, IBM said, the application can move from on premise at the client site to the cloud if the company needs to quickly respond to a spike in sales.

Training, marketing and technical validation support is available at IBM’s 30 Innovation Centers. In addition, IBM will be holding workshops on selling, deploying and setting up IBM PureSystems.

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