HyperOffice Announces Push Messaging For All Mobile Devices

RIM, get ready for a fight: HyperOffice has announced that HyperSynch, an over-the-air push-messaging solution that works as well with the iPhone, the Droid, or even Windows Mobile devices as it does the BlackBerry, has entered beta testing. What's more, it's going to be included, gratis, with HyperOffice deployments. Interested?

There was a lot of chatter when MSPmentor broke the news that RIM was releasing a free version of BlackBerry Enterprise Server. A lot of positive response, to be sure, but most thought it didn't go far enough towards offsetting the prohibitive cost of an enterprise-scale deployment.

Now, HyperOffice provides a full messaging solution for as low as $10/user/month that keeps documents, messages, meeting requests, and any other data in sync, over-the-air, to any smartphone -- platform independent and, allegedly, totally transparent.

As far as I can tell, the only real downside is that you need to be leveraging HyperOffice to take advantage of HyperSynch. But if HyperOffice is even half as smart as I think they are, I'd expect even that to change.

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