How MSPs Can Create a Facebook SHARE Week

Social Media Marketing (SMM) campaigns on Facebook and other social media platforms require a certain amount of creativity and thinking outside the box. Even though a business should never base its success on "likes" alone, strategy to attract more "likes" can still be effective. SHARE Week -- a promotion you create for your business -- is one way to increase your "likes," while expanding your page's reach.

Creating an event for your business is not only for physical events, but virtual events as well. Your followers are more than likely to participate in one of your events if they can access the event from their own home, so take advantage of their laziness. Create a SHARE Week on your businesses's Facebook page, and ask your followers to SHARE your page over the next week. See if you can expand your page's reach by 10 percent or more.

Below are the steps to creating a SHARE Week campaign for your business's page:

  • Create an event on your page, and title it "SHARE Your Company's Name Week." (Change "Your Company's Name" to your businesses's name.)
  • Set your event location to "Remote" or "Your Home" to emphasize the simplicity of your request.
  • The length of your campaign, since it's titled "SHARE Week," it should last a full week, nothing more or less.
  • Always include a "Start Time" as well as an "End Time" to show that it is an event, and not something that is timeless.
  • Provide as much detail as you can for your event, including why your followers should SHARE your page.
  • Encourage your employees to RSVP to the event, and invite friends. Facebook does not allow pages to invite followers to an event, inviting friends from personal accounts will help you get around this restriction.
Being creative will help your business get noticed on Facebook. While there are many more creative ways to attract followers than developing a SHARE Week campaign, it is one creative, cost-effective way to expand your page's reach.
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