How to Leverage YouTube for Business

Instead of using YouTube to view your favorite music videos, share your favorite comedy clips, and upload your baby's first steps, use it for your business.

Provide useful tips. YouTube is filled with videos of useful information: how to iron a shirt, how to tie a tie, how to make hamburgers, and etc. Get in on the action by putting together a series of useful videos about your industry to attract potential clients.

Protect your brand. By creating a channel for your business, you automatically create a line of security to protect your brand's identity from being stolen. You want to control the information from your brand. Without the proper protection, your brand may take a hit on social media platforms.

Create content to share. Just like tip number one, always be sure to create content that clients will want to share. Your goal should be create useful videos that have potential to be shared. Encourage clients to share your videos by posting them on other social media platforms, your company's website, or in any newsletter you may send out.

TAGS: Marketing
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