How to Handle Negative Feedback on Facebook — Part 2

A few weeks ago, we discussed the value of responding to negative feedback on Facebook. We explained how negative feedback can be turned into positive feedback by simply responding to a negative comment, and how engaging the user will improve your relationship with other customers as well.

Despite what some may think, responding to negative feedback is not always the best course of action. Sometimes, if the comment warrants it, a response from your brand is not necessary.

Let the majority rule
By not responding, you take away your ability to respond to a particular situation or claim. However, depending on the negative comment, that may be exactly what you want. Your brand may not respond, but it is very possible that the masses will.

Sometimes your customers are your best defense to negative feedback. Maybe you have a product or a service that a few customers are unhappy with. If any of these customers post negatively about your brand, take a few minutes to see if your other customers will respond in your defense.

This tactic, which should be used rarely, will work well if the comment warrants this approach. Remember: engagement should not only be between you and your customers.

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