GFI Software Reaches Out to Aspiring MSPs

GFI Software, the London-based provider of infrastructure solutions for SMBs, has launched a Building Blocks channel program, designed to help IT support companies make the transition to providing real managed services. The company's strategy reinforces the familiar theme of moving from break-fix to recurring revenue. Here are some perspectives.

Doug Wilson, general manager of GFI Max RemoteManagement, said in a prepared statement:

"The traditional break/fix model of IT support is problematic. The nature of the model presents a conflict of interest between the support company and their customer - the more problems the customer has the more money the support company makes. This may seem great on the surface, however, the support company is constantly fire fighting making it extremely difficult to predict revenues and capacity."

That, apparently, is where GFI comes in. They help the prospective MSP with everything from designing SLAs and contracts to how to put together products and services into an attractive package at the right price. And of course, the newly-trained MSP will be reselling GFI networking, security, and archiving solutions.

As you may recall, GFI moved into the managed services software market in July 2009 by acquiring HoundDog Technology.

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