Four Reasons to Complete the MSPmentor 100 Survey

If you're a progressive managed service provider seeking some free publicity, spend a few minutes completing our latest MSPmentor 100 Survey. Here are four ways the survey can give MSPs a potential lift.

1.  Get In It to Win It: The annual MSPmentor 100 Survey identifies one hundred of the world's top managed service providers. MSPs that landed on our previous MSPmentor 100 list enjoyed free publicity across the Web and in local media.

For instance, Connecting Point -- ranked No. 16 on the previous MSPmentor 100 list -- successfully positioned itself as the top managed service provider in Colorado.

2. Size Doesn't Matter: Yes, even small MSPs can appear on the final MSPmentor 100 list. That's because our survey is based on a range of financial and business metrics. We push beyond obvious metrics like annual revenue, and we zero in on key performance indicators for MSPs. As a result, quite a few MSPs on our earlier list are considered small businesses.

3. Location Doesn't Matter: Our list isn't limited to specific geographies. The MSPmentor 100 survey is a global research effort. And we welcome MSPs from across the world to participate.

Last year's international MSPmentor 100 honorees (located outside the US) included:

4. Free Search Engine Optimization: Want to make it easier for customers and partners to find your company on the Web? MSPmentor is now ranked among the top 3 percent of all blogs on the Internet, according to Since we will link to all of the MSPmentor 100 company sites, we will drive readers, potential partners and potential customers to list members' Web sites.

Take a few minutes to join the action and complete the MSPmentor 100 Survey. Skip it, and you could be missing out on free publicity.
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