Fixmo Adds Defense-Grade Sandbox to BlackBerry Mobile Fusion

Looking to kick your BlackBerry Mobile Fusion implementation up a notch? How about a defense-grade sandbox? Fixmo, the mobile risk management company, recently announced its support for customers deploying the new BlackBerry Mobile Fusion. Here's the background.

Fixmo’s mobile risk management (MRM) platform complements BlackBerry Mobile Fusion by providing additional device integrity monitoring and compromise detection, vulnerability assessment and auditable compliance reporting to help organizations stay in compliance with internal policies and government regulations while supporting a growing range of mobile devices.

Fixmo MRM also includes Fixmo SafeZone, a defense-grade secure sandbox solution for iOS and Android devices that keeps corporate email, documents, browsing and applications encrypted and contained from personal data. Fixmo says SafeZone operates seamlessly in a BlackBerry Mobile Fusion environment.

BlackBerry Mobile Fusion can be used to manage all BlackBerry, iOS and Android devices connected to a corporate network. MDM capabilities include policy assignment, user management, inventory management and remote lock/wipe commands.


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