EVault 7 Speeds Up VMware Backups by 100 Percent

EVault 7 Speeds Up VMware Backups by 100 Percent

Backup and disaster recovery vendor EVault, a Seagate (NASDAQ:STX) company,  has kicked up its BDR strategy up a notch with the release of EVault 7, an update that the company says will deliver faster backups -- up to 100 percent faster than EVault 6 for the all-important VMware environments. In addition, the new platform, available now, is optimized for the distributed environments that so many IT shops are embracing today. Here are the details.

EVault 7 addresses some of the challenges that IT managers have faced -- backup and recovery windows. If it takes too long to back up or recover, it doesn't make sense for backups to go to the cloud. But new support for VMware environments in EVault 7 includes faster granular restores of files and folders from a single backup of the virtual machine, an update that drives that 100-percent-faster performance improvement.

In addition, the solution's WAN-optimized data transfer now provides faster replication, enabling more efficient bandwidth usage, storage optimization and end-to-end security. EVault said that granular recovery will also be available for mailbox and message-level restores within Microsoft Exchange applications by the end of the year.

EVault has also improved customer choices for deployment, making them more flexible. EVault 7 now offers the potential for three geographically distributed replicas -- one in a private cloud, another in a service provider cloud and a third in the EVault cloud. Customers who want a local onsite cache of data for quick recoveries can also deploy the EVault Express Recovery Appliance: Virtual Edition. The device leverages existing IT infrastructure, eliminating the need for additional capital expenses, EVault said.

EVault has also introduced a new EVault Portal designed to simplify day-to-day management of data protection operations.  EVault says the portal is built on a social platform to enable organizations to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Easily configure backups, troubleshoot errors and view reports
  • Communicate in real-time across the team regarding data protection operations
  • Search EVault’s knowledge base for known issues and information about error codes
  • Tap into EVault’s user group hosted on Jive’s social platform.
EVault 7 is available now.

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