Enterprise MSPs Flex Their Muscle

We're wrapping up our MSPmentor 100 survey this month. A quick look at the current survey results shows that a small but growing number of participants are serving global 2000 customers -- managing thousands of customer nodes across multiple continents. For us, the trend reinforces the fact that we'll continue to expand our enterprise-related coverage in 2008.

Surely, small MSPs can learn quite a lot from their much larger rivals -- everything from proper staffing to sales management, service level agreements, international pricing models, etc. And as small MSPs begin to manage dozens of small customer networks, they'll begin to think like enterprise CIOs overseeing multiple departmental networks.

Big or small, MSPs participating in our MSPmentor 100 survey are showing strong year-over-year revenue growth. We expect most companies that make our final list will show triple-digit annual revenue growth on the managed services front.

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