Email Leads Top Activities Performed on Tablets

With tablet use on the rise, workers are making the most of available applications for daily personal activities. Gartner (NYSE: IT), an information technology research and advisory company, recently released a survey revealing what people use tablets fr: checking email, checking the weather, social networking, and gaming.

But moving certain activities from personal computers to tablets -- for instance, email -- may seem like the way to go, but this swap has its risks. A tablet is easier to lose or have stolen due to its size compared to the large hardware that is typically used for a personal computer. When a tablet is stolen, the data on that device is suddenly at risk.

The Gartner study also found that

  • Media tablets play a more dominant role in the home than mobile phones or PCs
  • The living room is the room where the highest tablet usage (87 percent) takes place
  • Respondents purchase tablets for their convenience, small size, and light weight
  • 50 percent of tablet owners prefer to read news, magazines, and books on a screen, rather than on paper
  • Checking email is the most popular activity conducted on the internet (74 percent), which is followed by social networking (57 percent)
Gartner conducted the survey at the end of 2011, and over 510 consumers participated. Respondents were required to write what they did with their three most used devices in a seven-day period.
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