From Dreamforce to Oracle OpenWorld: MSPs In the Halls?

From Dreamforce to Oracle OpenWorld: MSPs In the Halls?

ConnectWise CEO Arnie Bellini spent this week at Dreamforce. Next, ManageEngine President Raj Sabhlok will surface later this month at Oracle OpenWorld. Why are MSP-centric software industry leaders suddenly showing up at massive IT events focused on cloud computing and business applications?

The simple answer involves opportunity and new revenue streams. In Bellini's case, he is working closely with Quosal CEO Kent McNall to position sales quoting and proposal software for the masses.

ConnectWise Capital has an investment in Quosal. Bellini and McNall remain loyal to the MSP and VAR sector, but they have a hunch Quosal has the opportunity to be a big market play because of its broad appeal across all major vertical markets.

ManageEngine, meanwhile, will reinforce its MSP-oriented IT management tools at Oracle OpenWorld (Sept. 30-Oct. 4, San Francisc0). At that conference keep an eye on ManageEngine Applications Manager -- which offers applications, database, systems management, virtualization and ERP monitoring.

The key takeaway: While many MSPs focus on traditional PC and server monitoring, ManageEngine is attracting more sophisticated MSPs that are focused on the application level.

ManageEngine has a pretty broad software portfoli0. Sabhlok sees an opportunity to cross-sell and up-sell customers on his complete tool set. Already, 40 percent of ManageEngine customers use two or more of the company's products, he says.

Meanwhile, plenty of MSP software companies offer database monitoring tools. GFI Software, for instance, acquired Monitis for its MySQL database monitoring capabilities. Oracle itself is no stranger to the MSP industry, particularly at the high end of the market where. (GFI Software will host a partner conference within days.)

Bottom line: Plenty of MSP-centric conferences remain alive and well. But we're starting to see MSP-centric software companies spending more time and budget at larger conferences -- testing the waters and sailing toward blue ocean market opportunities. Will MSPs follow suit?

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