Doyenz Closing U.K. Cloud Service, U.S. Cloud Remains Online

Doyenz, the cloud-based backup and disaster recovery company, is ending support for its UK-based cloud backup instance as of the end of this week, August 10. Doyenz indicated that it will retain client data on those UK systems until August 31. Doyenz's U.S.-based cloud instance, meanwhile, remains online and there are no plans to close that service, according to Chief Revenue Officer Eric Webster.

Doyenz announced the end of its UK cloud in an email to partners viewed by MSPmentor. Webster confirmed the decision, indicated that the costs to fulfill demand in the UK proved too high. Webster also confirmed that the company's U.S.-based cloud service will remain online.

The UK cloud instance launched only a few months ago. Doyenz is offering UK partners the option to back up data to the US cloud instance -- though I suspect some partners won't be able to embrace that option because of data retention and privacy regulations in Europe.

Doyenz's business appears to be in transition. The company recently confirmed staff cuts. I'm scheduled to speak with CEO Ashutosh Tiwary later this week for an update on the company's strategy.

Meanwhile, here is the email Doyenz sent to partners in the UK:

"Dear Partner

This communication is to provide notice to our partners in the UK that Doyenz will no longer be providing or supporting the rCloud service in the UK as of the end of this week, August 10th 2012.

Doyenz will retain client data on our systems until August 31st 2012.

If you wish to access your client data or have questions please contact our support team via email: [email protected] We will respond to emails within 3 business days (M-F 6am – 5pm PST).

Thank you
Tony Lesirge| Director, Customer Operations|"
MSPmentor will provide updated perspectives later this week, following the interview with Tiwary.
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