Does Your Mobile Device Management Need to Support Android?

Does Your Mobile Device Management Need to Support Android?

The momentum behind iOS as a mobile operating system may tempt some managed service providers to standardize on Apple's mobile operating system for their mobile device management practices. But hold the presses, you may just want to wait before making that declaration and eschewing Android support. Android tablets will go flying off the shelves this holiday season, according to a recent IDC report.

Worldwide tablet shipments totaled 27.8 million units in the third quarter of 2012, and experts remain bullish on the Android market, which surged during the quarter. Managed services providers (MSPs) take note: Clients will expect you to support Android for mobile device management (MDM).

Android device shipments were led by Samsung and Amazon, while Apple saw its third quarter share slip to 50.4 percent – a 9.3 percent difference from last year. Due to Apple’s decline, the remaining five tablet vendors all gained share during the quarter. Samsung shipped 5.1 million tablets worldwide in 3Q12, which is up 115.0 percent from 2Q12 – an increase of 325.0 percent from 3Q11.

Amazon, ASUS, and Lenovo were also in the top five. All three vendors experienced a sequential growth over 2Q12. Amazon announced its new 7-inch and 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD tablets late in the quarter, and “began shipping the new 7-inch HD version (in addition to a refreshed version of the original 7-inch Fire) in mid-September.” This addition to the Amazon products helped grow the company’s worldwide market share from 4.8 percent in 2Q12 to 9.0 percent in 3Q12.

With competitors turning up the pressure on Apple, mobile device management vendors can expect a shift away from the leader, and toward Android. Does the shift change how you view the mobile device management market or your current vendor?

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