Cormant CableSolve 6.3 Adds Mobile Support

Cormant Inc., an IT infrastructure management provider for the enterprise, is trying to build on its 2011 momentum. The software provider increased both its revenue and international enterprise business customer base last fiscal year. Now Cormant has released the newest version of its CableSolve IT management platform with several new features, including (you guessed it) more mobile device support.

Specifically, CableSolve version 6.3 includes web-based support for tablets. That means Cormant's enterprise customers now have the same interaction capabilities on their tablet devices that was previously available exclusively in the desktop version of CableSolve. CableSolve now supports any and all tablets that support HTML 5, which includes all version of the iPad and all Android tablets. According to Cormant CEO Paul Goodison, the HTML 5 support gives customers several additional benefits.

"We chose to utilize HTML 5 for the new version of CableSolve web because this enables cross-platform support on all tablets, as well as support for the web on Microsoft, Apple and Linux PC's at the same time," Goodison said in a prepared statement. "This frees us up to focus on innovation in infrastructure management without having to tweak an app every time a new feature is introduced."

Innovation around the use of mobile devices in the enterprise is nothing new for Cormant. when I spoke with Goodison in September 2011, the CEO told me that Cormant had been giving managed services providers the mobile tools necessary to manage enterprise business end-users for nearly a decade.

Still, there are other new features of CableSolve 6.3 that are not centered around mobile devices. For one, the IT software provider has made "significant enhancements to the CableSolve web interface." According to the company, the changes allow IT administrators and MSPs to more efficiently document, report on, manage and monitor their physical layers. It also features a completely rewritten and updated dashboard that lets IT managers add, remove and update IT components in order to make sure their records are as up-to-date as possible. And what's more, the dashboard also features new graph widgets, several new tabs and re-sizable boxes that the company says will enhance the overall user experience within CableSolve.


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