CipherOptics: Easing PCI Compliance For Public Networks?

CipherOptics: Easing PCI Compliance For Public Networks?

In recent months, we've heard from a range of MSPs and hosting providers that have embraced PCI compliance to win new business. Building on that theme, CipherOptics is promoting Virtual IP technology that allegedly allows service providers and customers to secure PCI regulated data over public and private networks. Here's some insight on the effort.

CipherOptics specializes in network encryption. The company says its Group Encryption solutions, called CipherEngine, now supports Virtual IP. The new feature simplifies compliance with industry regulations such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (“PCI”), CipherOptics adds.

Hardly surprising CipherOptics says CiphgerEngine should appeal to financial, insurance and retail industries with remote branches that have difficulty in protecting information. The biggest draw? CipherOptics says their technology eliminates the need for IPsec VPNs and modifications to existing infrastructure since it's capable of encrypting Layer 2, 3 or 4 while maintaining latency low.

You can find information about CipherOptics' partner program here.

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