CES 2013 Sets Stage for Microsoft Surface Pro Preview

CES 2013 Sets Stage for Microsoft Surface Pro Preview

While Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer may not have delivered the keynote address at CES this year and used to to flaunt Microsoft's Surface Pro Tablet, there was still a big presence by the Seattle software giant at the show. The fact that Ballmer didn't deliver the keynote broke with the tradition of Microsoft's leader kicking things off at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, sure. But Ballmer was there, making a cameo appearance by crashing the keynote that used to be his (delivered this year by Qualcomm's CEO). But Ballmer's appearance was dwarfed by something else from Microsoft that got even more attention -- a preview of Microsoft Surface Pro.

Microsoft gave some of the tech media some hands-on time with the Windows 8, Intel processor-backed tablet during CES. (Sadly, I wasn't there, and I am living vicariously through tweets and reporting from Las Vegas, as well as from watching some of the live video streaming.)

This Computerworld blogger has done a fine job of curating some of the most salient comments from tech journalists about Microsoft Surface Pro here.  Some liked the better video processing, the more powerful processor and the full Windows PC capabilities. Others remained unenthusiastic about Microsoft's first full-powered entry into the tablet market. The device uses more power so it's equipped with a more powerful battery.

And while IT organizations have not yet jumped onboard the Windows 8 bandwagon or the Microsoft Surface Pro train, it's still early. The Microsoft Surface Pro hasn't even shipped yet.  CES 2013 marks a beginning point for Microsoft in the tablet market.

The real test will come in the months and years to come. Will Surface Pro inspire organizations with its hybrid tablet / PC approach? And will widespread deployment of this device with its native Microsoft Office and access to applications such as Sharepoint make life easier or harder for MSPs managing customer environments?

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