BoxTone Announces EMM Partner Network

BoxTone, an Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) company, recently announced the BoxTone EMM Partner Network. The BoxTone EMM Partner Network enables organizations to use BoxTone's automated EMM platform for full lifecycle mobility management across security, support and operations, while customizing the platform with integrations for their specific needs.

The EMM network includes vendors from various sectors of the industry including: mobile security, mobile applications and services and enterprise infrastructure.

The BoxTone platform is made up of a group of security, mobile applications and services, and enterprise infrastructure vendors, all of which integrate with the unified Boxtone EMM platform.  Enterprises can choose what they want to use.

BoxTone aims to provide mobile safety, reliably and efficiently by delivering an automated EMM platform that simplifies the delivery of mobile devices. BoxTone's release of its EMM partner network comes at a crucial time as security professionals have said that mobile device vulnerability is a top concern right now. What tools are you using to secure your fleet?

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