Be Social, But Be Your Brand

Social media marketing (SMM) isn't only about being social. For you to be successful with this type of marketing, you must not only understand your brand, but most importantly: become your brand. This concept, understood by few, will place you on the right track for future projects.

Here are some of the ways to execute and be a success with your brand in social media marketing.

Always stay in character
Executing a successful social media marketing campaign will be difficult without taking the proper actions. When you update a status, post a tweet, upload a picture or post on another page, you are your brand.

If you're managing a Facebook page for a town, why would you "like" the page of a town across the country? Better yet, why would you "like" Lady Gaga's page or another famous artist? Think about the possible negative outcomes of "liking" a particular page.

Always think about what your brand would do
Your brand has objectives. What are those objectives, and how can you promote them through social media? A lot of my social media marketing clients are political candidates or from the public sector, so I explain this concept by relating it to something they are used to handling.

And that something is press releases. Do not make a comment in social media that you would not put in a press release. Yes, social media networks are more informal than what's contained in a press release, but the content is what you should pay attention to closely. This simple tip helps people realize the seriousness of posting from a brand.

What about you? How do you stay in character to manage your social networks? Do you manage multiple accounts or are you only managing one brand?

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