BDR Wars: Continuum Revive Repurposes Competitive Hardware

BDR Wars: Continuum Revive Repurposes Competitive Hardware

Remote monitoring and management provider Continuum wants to make it easy for MSPs to move from competitive backup and disaster recovery (BDR) providers to the Continuum Vault platform for BDR. The company today announced Continuum BDR Revive -- software that is available immediately and free of charge -- that enables MSPs to easily re-image competitive BDR devices (such as those from Zenith Infotech, Dell AppAssure, Axcient, HEROWare, Chartec and others) and repurpose the devices as Continuum Vault BDR devices. The offer adds another twist to the increasingly competitive BDR market. Here are the details.

The competitive upgrade package comes a year after Continuum introduced its Vault offering, and is designed to address concerns from customers about legacy investments.

“We’ve seen good adoption,” Steve Ricketts, (pictured) VP of marketing at Continuum, told MSPmentor. “Partners of ours have asked to be able to install Continuum Vault software on existing hardware or BDR appliances. We’ve been working hard on a program that will let them do that. It lets them easily breathe new life into BDR appliances.”

Jeff Neumann, product director at Continuum says the Revive process is accomplished in just a few steps. MSPs need to specify where backups will be stored, enter a conversion code and then the software takes over, configuring the appliance and installing Continuum Vault. Neumann said that this process will void the warranty if the appliance remains under warranty.

However, Neumann told MSPmentor that Continuum Vault offers advantages that some competitors may not offer, such as instant virtualization of backups. The Continuum backup solution also allows for multiple independent backups, enabling easier administration.

But the biggest benefit may come from the fact that Continuum’s roots are in remote monitoring and management. Neumann told MSPmentor that because Vault’s backups are monitored there is greater assurance that “customers will always be whole, no matter what happens.

“If BDR is not fully monitored it leaves a gap in the service,” he said. “But, for example, if a file system is not behaving properly, Vault MSPs are proactively notified so that they can work with the customer and get in front of problems rather than react.”

Continuum is offering BDR Revive free to all its partners until April 15.

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