Azaleos Cloud Gets Microsoft FAST Search Server 2010

Azaleos, an MSP with a particular expertise in Microsoft applications, is continuing to focus on developing cloud solutions that easily integrate with Microsoft SharePoint. The managed services provider's latest development? Azaleos Managed Enterprise Search -- a new addition to the company's Managed SharePoint Services portfolio that lets the company's enterprise business customers more easily deploy Microsoft FAST Search Server 2010 within their own business networks.

The announcement comes less than a month after Azaleos added two new managed SharePoint services -- the SharePoint Starter Edition and the SharePoint Core Edition. Both of those solutions are designed to help enterprise businesses deploy Microsoft SharePoint 2012 without putting any local IT managed services into place.

But the company's Managed Enterprise Search solution addresses a different need. It gives enterprises the ability to remotely design, configure, monitor and manage FAST Search Server 2010. According to Azaleos, the development is big news for its customers because the Microsoft FAST Search Server 2010 can perform searches in "an interactive and visual format," in addition to the basic search functions that the Microsoft SharePoint Server provides.

The FAST Search Server is a high-visibility solution, which brings its own set of complex issues to the table for enterprise IT departments. But Azaleos claims its Managed Enterprise Search solution eliminates the challenges associated with high visibility applications and can keep the FAST Search Server available and running at top speed.

"With this latest edition to our SharePoint managed services portfolio, we are making industrial grade enterprise search available to any enterprise, with virtually zero maintenance," Azaleos VP of Product Management and Marketing Scott Gode said in a prepared statement. The Azaleos Managed Enterprise Search solution is priced at $1,000 per month.

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