Are You A Top 100 Managed Service Provider?

Are you building a top managed services provider? Prove it: Our third-annual MSPmentor 100 survey is now open to participants. The survey is free, and managed service providers worldwide can participate. Using the survey results, we will produce the annual MSPmentor 100 report, which tracks the world’s most progressive managed service providers — using a range of financial and business metrics. Here are some more details about the survey.

We’ll publish the survey results in early 2010. While traditional lists like the Fortune 500 are based purely on annual revenue, the MSPmentor 100 leverages a mix of metrics. Generally speaking, our approach helps to ensure the final MSPmentor 100 list typically includes a range of small, midsize and large MSPs. For more details check out the MSPmentor 100 survey section. Deadline for participation is December 11, 2009.

While the MSPmentor 100 focuses on companies, a sister survey — the MSPmentor 250 — focuses on the top executives, entrepreneurs and experts across the managed services market. You can find our latest MSPmentor 250 list and report in our MSPmentor 250 area.

If you have any questions about the MSPmentor 100 or MSPmentor 250 feel free to email me (joe [at]

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