Android Gear Gets Advanced Management and Security with SOTI

SOTI -- a mobile device management (MDM) solutions company -- released its most recent MDM solution to assist enterprises with the management of security policies across Android devices from all manufacturers. According to SOTI, many MDM solutions that manage Android devicesare dependent on the level of support provided by each original equipment manufacturer (OEM). SOTI says its solution is different. Here's more.

The problem that companies typically run into is with regards to OEM implementations is that they must create their own application programming interfaces (API) in order for MDM vendors to build tools to manage their devices. SOTI resolves this difficulty with the following features in its new solution:

  • Full suite of help desk tools, including real-time remote control
  • Secure Content Locker
  • Silent installation of applications and updates
  • Policies for controlling access to corporate email
  • Device Lockdown/Kiosk functionality
  • Location based automatic management (i.e. Geofencing)
  • Remote wipe of corporate data or full device wipe
  • Enterprise App Store
  • Self Service Management Portal
Over 80,000 customers around the world in retail, manufacturing, healthcare, government, logistics & numerous other industries rely on SOTI software products within the mobile device management industry. The company also works with top mobile device manufacturers such as Microsoft, Motorola, and others.
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