Airwatch Offers Microsoft Windows Phone 8 Same-Day Support

Microsoft launched Windows 8 this morning, so you may be wondering which vendors are already offering device and application management support for Windows Phone 8. Mobile device management (MDM) provider AirWatch announced device and application management support for Windows Phone 8. According to the company, the solution enables enterprises and public sector organizations to take full advantage of the new Windows Phone 8 device and application management abilities.

AirWatch says that more additional features will be disclosed, but the following are the primary features and will support the Windows Phone 8:

  • Company hubs
  • Device reporting, configuration and analytics
  • Over-the-air updates to enterprise applications
  • Exchange ActiveSync configuration
  • Enterprise and full device wipes
  • SD card disabling
The company hub provides a central location for IT administrators to push internal application updates. “Now, businesses can maximize existing investments in Microsoft technology and streamline mobile integration into their infrastructures," says John Marshall, CEO, AirWatch. "By leveraging the new capabilities of the platform, mobility is now an extension of the overall framework."

Whether you decide to select AirWatch as your vendor or not, Windows 8 cannot be ignored. To prepare for 2013, MSPs must expand their BYOD and MDM strategies to include the new operating system. According to an MSPmentor post earlier in the week, "A few million consumers will wind up buying Windows 8 on tablets, notebooks, ultrabooks and desktop PCs."

AirWatch currently has more than 800 associates. Back in September, AirWatch assisted its customers by offering same-day support for iPads and iPhones running iOS 6.
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