Zenprise MobileManager for MDM Chosen by Transit Agency

Mobile Device Management vendor Zenprise is the vendor of choice for Rotterdam Public Transport Company (RET), which is working with SecureLink, and has selected Zenprise MobileManager for its mobile device management needs. The transit agency uses smartphones and tablets to manage tickets. Here's the whole story.

RET, a company with approximately 3,000 employees, deals with over 600,000 passengers per day, or 18.7 million passengers per year, so the organization needed a solution to provide mobile device security on a large scale. The devices selected must provide the availability and capability to accept and interact with OV-Chip cards, which will replace all other public transport tickets in the Netherlands.

RET said that it selected Zenprise MobileManager for the high degree of security, functionality and quality of the product. To ensure a secure environment for expanding mobile operations, SecureLink, a Zenprise Partner Network member, provided an extensive evaluation to the company on Zenprise's MDM product.

Zenprise has been making a number of moves recently, the most recent being its support of the Android mobile platform.

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