Zenprise MobileManager 7.0 Embraces App, Content Security

Zenprise MobileManager 7.0 Embraces App, Content Security

After the industry gets its arms around the challenges of bring-your-own-device (BYOD), what's the next stage for mobile device management? MDM and mobile security vendor Zenprise believes it has the answer to that question, and that answer is what has driven the strategy behind Zenprise MobileManager 7.0, the most recent version of the company's solution, announced today.

"Mobile will move into lines of business," Ahmed Datoo, chief marketing officer, told MSPmentor. "I'm starting to hear use cases from customers about how to change the customer experience -- how to outfit stores with kiosks, how to login and see inventory online, arming bank tellers with these smart devices so that someone can walk outside the counter and engage people in line."

That move towards line of business has led Zenprise to move towards support for more than just devices. The company is evolving its MDM to include security and support for data and apps, too. MobileManager 7.0 includes features that support mobile lines of business as well as secure content and collaboration. In addition, the company says, the most recent version of the solution simplifies both the administrator and user experience.

New features include geo-fencing which lets companies track devices with GPS and take action if the device is removed from a specified location. For instance, if a device that is used in a hospital is removed from that facility a device can be locked down and corporate-owned data can be wiped from the device.

Zenprise MobileManager 7.0 also now integrates with Samsung SAFE devices, letting companies turn tablets and smartphones into kiosks or "purpose-built" mobile terminals, allowing for all but a few business applications to be locked down. Some Zenprise customers, such as hotels, have already started using mobile devices this way to help checking in guests and providing them with concierge-desk type information such as local restaurants and attractions, according to Zenprise.

Other new features of Zenprise MobileManager 7.0 include the following:

  • Support for Android devices through secure content and collaboration integration with Microsoft SharePoint and Office365 (Zenprise first expanded support to Android earlier this year)
  • A new mobile data loss protection solution for iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad that lets users annotate documents in the secure mobile content container provided by Zenprise
  • Simplified administrator and end-user experiences via configurable dashboards with one-click actions on devices for administrators for functions such as track, notify, and enroll. Users get simplified enrollment that combines a high level of security with a streamlined user experience
Zenprise says the new features in MobileManager 7.0 are building blocks for its vision of future MDM which will encompass making apps business-ready and keeping content secure on mobile devices.
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