Vodafone Launches Mobile Device Manager

Vodafone Launches Mobile Device Manager

Managed communications platform vendor Vodafone has released a new mobile device management (MDM) solution called Vodafone Device Manager to protect business data from security attacks and device loss or theft. The solution allows managed services providers (MSPs) to remotely manage all mobile devices over the air; audit, track, and update each one; lock stolen or lost devices; encrypt data; secure them with passwords; comply with corporate policies; and achieve secure, scalable and reliable application management across operating systems. Here's the scoop.

To protect against data leakage, data breaches, and device theft or lost, Vodafone Device Manger provides MSPs with complete control over their customers' devices, allowing MSPs to do the following:

  • reduce the cost and complexity of managing their mobile devices, while monitoring them 24/7;
  • install software and applications remotely to thousands of users within minutes anywhere in the world;
  • query devices over the air and effectively diagnose and resolve issues;
  • and ensure all devices are totally secure and that only the latest software and applications are used.
The platform allows MSPs to distribute and update certificates, allowing access to corporate services, enforce password and encryption policies, and remotely lock and partially or fully wipe a device. Policy changes can be quickly defined, applied, and updated over the air.

Vodafone provides managed communications solutions with mobility at the core for businesses. Vodafone Global Enterprise works with 1,400 multinational corporations.
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