Vablet, MokiMobility Offer Content Management for Tablets

We recently covered MokiMobility's launch of +MDM for single-purpose iPad and Android tablets. Now MokiMobility has formed a partnership with Vablet to create a content management solution for the iPad and other mobile devices. What exactly is in mind for this partnership? According to both parties, the alliance is intended to enhance security of content as well as a greater level of corporate control over an individual device authorized for employee use.

Vablet, a new container technology providing secure file access, document distribution and digital signage solutions for iPad, iPhone and Android users, is a flagship app created by AppSolutely, Inc. MokiMobility, on the other hand, helps independent software vendors (ISVs) and solution providers to build solutions that include cloud-based mobile application and device management for single-purpose iPad and Android devices. In return, MokiMobility hopes to provide developers with greater control over the complete experience, enabling more engaging and new customer experiences leveraging iOS and Android tablets in new ways.

How does this partnership benefit IT departments?
For IT departments looking to support the increasing number of mobile devices entering their corporate environments, this combination helps provide the security that mobile users expect from their devices. Managing the growing number of mobile devices is what the combination of these two technologies is about.

What say YOU: Will this partnership provide any benefits to your organization?

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